Safety first at Manatt’s, Inc.
Manatt’s mission statement prioritizes safety. Safety matters at Manatt’s because of their core values– they care about each other, they live and work to be great on purpose, and strive to be their best selves. By implementing the newest technology, using top of the line equipment and hiring experienced staff, they have separated themselves as the leader in the materials industry.

Manatt’s came to us to get a solution designed for the area where they manufacture dump truck bodies. They were looking for a clean air solution for weld fume and dust particulates. Environmental Air Technology provided two clean air proposals. The first was designed with six MC3000 self-cleaning machines and the second with one large central dust collection system. Manatt’s chose the options with six MC3000 due to cost, adaptability and ease to install. This provided 13-14 air changes per hour. The install was quick and easy and now they have clean air and a safe workplace for their employees. 


Manatt’s prioritizes safety and we love working on projects like these. Win-win for all! -another Clean Air, Breath Easy solution..

Manatt's Inc.