Valley Machining came to Environmental Air Technology to provide a dust collection system for their robotic welding of hydraulic cylinders.  The solution included two 6’ x 10’ Canopy hoods sized at 75 FPM to properly capture smoke and particulates.  The system uses a Micro Air FRP8 Dust Collector with 2000 square foot Nanomax fire retardant filter media.   The system was designed with clamp together ductwork, weld curtains connecting the hoods and inline spark arrestors.

The system provides 4,500 CFM and has been in operation since 2017.  The system is very efficient and for almost four years is using the first set of filters.  Noise levels are low registering below 78d dbA and fume removal is excellent.  Environmental Air Technology designed the system to allow the customer to effectively capture dusts and fumes without jeopardizing the safety and security of their facility.  A great example of a Clean Air Solution provided by Environmental Air Technology.